30 Days of Gratitude: Wrap Up

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So that’s my 30 Days Gratitude, and an end to this little experiment. But I think, in a couple of months, I may revisit this experiment, as frustrating as the technology often was. The whole auto-post thing, which has worked well for me in the past when I’ve used it, let me down repeatedly on a couple of levels. If/when I do this again, it will be planned a little more manual up front.

And I don’t need to do Gratitude again, although I’m certain I could think of 30 more things to be grateful for without too much difficulty. No, I think things will be on a different subjective abstract concept next time. Perhaps I’ll begin drafting the 30 Days of Awesome, or something along those lines. Same size posts, in general, and I actually already have about 2/3 of a list in mind. Nothing drafted yet, and certainly nothing edited, but I’ve got some thoughts on some pretty awesome stuff. Simple things and complicated things, little things and big things.

Everything is a journey, or a signpost along the way, or a brief rest between legs of the trip. Today, I’m taking a breath. Tomorrow, well, some tomorrow soon, join me for awesome thing number one.

Be well, everyone.

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