Game Review – X-Men: Destiny

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Quiet around here lately. Sorry. Real world has been busy. Trying to address that, but going through some upheaval over the short term. I think things will settle out fine in the new year, but it’s going to be a bit crazy until then for a lot of reasons. I do have several book reviews ready to go and I might be ready to announce a couple of small writing things soon, but neither of those is why I’m blogging today.

Today, I took a step forward in my long range quest to play through all of the video games I’ve bought and never finished. Not that I have a lot of gaming time, but lately I’ve been working mostly on “Mass Effect 2” and “Lego Indiana Jones”. But this afternoon, I finished a play through of “X-Men Destiny”.

Don’t look for a detailed review to follow, and you can already tell there aren’t a lot of (or any) screen shots following the text. This was a play for pure pleasure, just for fun, and I didn’t do any analysis as I went along.

The campaign was a little on the short side, but considering I paid less than ten bucks for the game, I think I got my length of time enjoyment out of it. Eight missions, each of which took a little time to play, and a couple of the boss fights were hard even playing on the easiest level.

Don’t look for anything super complex out of the story. It’s simple, easy to follow, and linear. We get a lot of familiar faces and some fairly recent big bads in the X-Men universe.

There is a little bit of decision making needed here and there, mainly siding with the X-Men or the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants at various moments in each mission. It makes very little difference to the game play and apparently only materially to the final cut scene. Oh, you do get to choose your powers and the path they grown on, and that’s a nice bonus. Costume, genes, and powers all customizable, and XP can be used to power up a lot of these.

But what you’re really getting out of this game is a bit of mutant wish fulfillment. I’m an X-Men fan from sometime in my early teen years, so I’ll give just about any game a try if it has them involved. Focus on them, and you’ll probably get a little of my money at some point.

The scenery and characters are well rendered for 2011, but the characters in conversation or standing at rest were odd, like they all have a constant, whole body nervous twitch. But since you’re in combat or on the move most of the time, it’s not really that distracting. Sound and soundtrack work well, adding to the environment without being distracting.

I was pretty impressed by the voice acting. While most things were pretty scripted, it didn’t feel that limited. Each cut scene got what it needed for writing and the actors delivered, meaning they actually acted, which was kind of cool.

While I’m glad I got it on super sale last Boxing Week, it was a fun game, and it wouldn’t have bothered me to pay a few bucks more for it.

But no, I probably won’t do another play through with either of the other available characters or at a higher difficulty level. I’ve got a lot of other games to play through. Still, I’m not ready to send it back to the recycled section of the games store yet.

Let’s call it a 6.5 out of 10.

Be well, everyone.


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