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100 Kata Day

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So at 0600 Okinawan time today, it officially became karate day. Celebrating this can be done in any number of karate-related ways that make you happy, but the big event is the 100 Kata Challenge, inspired by the ancient adage, “Train hard 100 times.”

Now, having been to observe a significant black belt¬†grading on Friday night and yesterday spent the day in Ottawa for our federation’s semi-annual gasshuku (gathering) for seminars and to help judge/referee tournaments and competitions, I have a lot of things that should probably get taken care of today. Finding two+plus consecutive hours to perform a kata 100 times in a row.

I might, with sufficient focus and time management, be able to sneak 10-15 minutes here and there through the rest of the day to manage 10 sets of 10. And I’ve already snuck in two of those sets, so there are only eight more to go. At quarter after 12, I should be able to do it, right?

For those interested, I’ve selected Seiunchin for the 100 repetitions. A goju ryu kata with deep roots and history, it’s a longer kata, but also may be my favourite. And it’s one of my three focus kata right now. I say right now, but I’m planning to keep it that way for a few years.

So, 20 down, 80 to go.

So, focused on form and fluidity, ganbarimasu!

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