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So Lance, what’s up with the writing?

Well, I suppose that depends on which writing you mean. I never actually stopped, though it has been scattered, sporadic, and more on paper than into the keyboard. It’s also mostly been non-fiction for a big part of this year, covering a variety of items and projects, most of which I consider personal.

But I’ve been burnt out on fiction for a while. A few, let’s just say odd and difficult life experiences combined with trying to be too focused raised my stress level a little more than I might have liked. Yes, I said too focused. The long term dictation experiment was a wonderful thing for quite a while, but, due to the vaguely mentioned life experiences, I started to feel burnt out and struggled to get much more than 500 words in a commute when 1500-2000 had been a comfortable normal for a long time.

So I cut the fiction for a while to let that part of my brain rest. Now I feel like it’s rested long enough, and I’m ready to start telling stories again. And I’ve got a lot of stories I need to tell.

But I’m going to focus on short fiction for a while, maybe until about the middle of next year. I love writing shorts and have got quite a few unfinished stories and concepts hanging around. It’s time to fix that.

I’ve debated having hard goals for the coming year, but I think I’m the kind of person who really needs, or at least really enjoys, having things to measure. So I’ve picked a set of goals that include both fiction and non-fiction, breaking things out by estimates and word counts for each. It includes short stories, one novel length work for next year, poetry, book and game reviews, a fair amount of blogging, a few essays, and some personal stuff. The daily word count balances out to something very close to NaNoWriMo territory, but there are a lot of variables. There are also submission and editing targets as well as a couple of other creative things I want to do or try.

But every single one of those goals is fluid. I have (slowly) learned that life will provide challenges, obstacles, and rewards, all of which can take you away from your plans. I’ll be re-forecasting for myself regularly through the year.

For now, this blog post counts as writing towards the non-fiction goal for the month.

Oh, and I’ll be posting more to FB and Twitter. Feel free to follow me in either spot. I lurk a lot, but I’m around.

Be well, everyone.

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