Binge Watching

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Last weekend, tired after a long week at work and trying to get too much done on Saturday, I dove into my first ever binge watching session.

Well, binge watching as most people define it.

I always thought I couldn’t just sit down and watch a dozen episodes of a show in one go. I don’t have the right kind of patience, needing more variety in my activities. Binge watching to me was watching half a dozen episodes of the same show in a week, not a day. Really, who has time for that.

Just the right mixture of exhaustion and wakefulness is apparently the key. I started the first episode of Season 8 of the Big Bang Theory around 9:30 in the morning, and kept watching, with brief pauses for calorie consumption here and there, until the end of episode 24.

Yes, I watched an entire season of a show in one day. And when it was over, I had one overriding thought.

There’s nine hours of my life I won’t be getting back.

Seriously. While I enjoyed each episode, some of them more than others, at the end of things I couldn’t believe I’d wasted an entire day mindlessly in front of a screen. And it wasn’t for a film festival or a family event or some form of higher entertainment like Star Trek or Babylon 5. I spent nine hours watching the same sitcom.

Now before any Big Bang Theory fans get upset at the s-word, let me say I like the show. It’s fun, it’s nice to see geeks doing (mostly) well dealing with geek problems and real life problems, and I love that it’s written on more than one level, but it’s still a sitcom. I like to smile and I like to laugh, but it’s still a sitcom. I like that it has guest stars like Wil Wheaton, Leonard Nimoy, and Stephen Hawking (lots of other spring to mind, but you probably don’t want to read a list of famous geeks and geek idols), but it’s still a sitcom.

And there’s more to life. I’ve got way too much to do even though, yes, there are other shows I want to watch. (Current habits include Mr. Robot, The Shannara Chronicles, The Expanse, and a starting-from-the-beginning run through The Venture Bros.)

So I’ll be watching Season 9 at a slower rate. A much slower rate.

Well, of course I’ll be watching. It’s the Big Bang Theory. One of the levels it’s written on is for me specifically (sometimes it breaks through into hilarious. I mean, spherical chickens in a vacuum still makes me chuckle). I may not have gone into physics or engineering, but I’m a geek, and I get every character on that show in some way.

I’m going to go quietly hum the theme song now. You should too.

Be well, everyone.


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