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So we’re fostering a litter of kittens.

Actually, it’s members of three litters combined, rescued from under a porch and no mother cats found even now. The suspicion is a local coyote or fisher.

In alphabetical order, with their approximate current ages:

Mickey Mars, 6-7 weeks. Grey and exploratory. Out of something around 20 pictures, this is the only one facing the camera.


Neil, 6-7 weeks. Black, mostly. He’s got odd white flecks on his ear tips and face. Just single hairs, really. A sprinkling of salt in the pepper coat.


Nikki, 5-6 weeks. A few of the same white flecks Neil has, but she was given to us a a week younger, so possibly?) from a different litter. She’s also a much more cooperative photography subject.


Sami, 5-6 weeks. Cute little tortoise shell. Pay no attention to anything but her. Unless she’s attacking one of her friends/litter-mates.


Sixx, 6-7 weeks.The most relaxed of the group and the easiest to get a picture of. Black except for the frosting at the tip of his tail.


Tommy Lee, 7-8 weeks. The oldest biggest of the group. Easy going and active.

Tommy Lee

The band association is clear in the names, and I approve of the Hair Metal reference even if I might have picked a different band (I’m more of a Poison fan, to be honest). If names had been up to me, however, there probably would be a lot more Star Trek references involved. Actually, the group might have been the Kitten Collective. One of Six, Two of Six, and so on. But that would entertain mostly me.

We’re fostering them for Napanee Community Kitten Rescue, which my oldest daughter volunteers for, and we’ve had them for about a week and a half. They’ve settled nicely, and are playful, active, and healthy. I’m not sure when the next adoption event is, but they’re all available for adoption, just not directly from us. We’re fostering for NCKR, so the adoption has to go through them. You can contact them through their Facebook page, website, or by phone at 613-770-4357.

These guys are cute, comical, and crazy. In short, they’re kittens. All weaned, all litter trained, all cuddly, and all with purr engines far beyond their sizes.

You need one, right?

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