Holy Giant Mushroom, Batman!

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So I’ve lived in Ontario since I was twelve, but my formative years right before that were spent on Vancouver Island. Not the same species of anything, really, except maybe grass.

When I think, for example, of a puffball mushroom, I think of something like this colossal one that still, more or less, fits in the palm of your hand:

Western Puffball

Actually, I think of them as being able to more or less fit in my 10-or-so-year-old hand. Yes, I knew they could get bigger, but you found those in the deep dark forest where no one could see you and no one ever went. My friend’s cousin’s uncle found one the size of his head. You get the idea.

But yesterday, walking along a trail while geocaching in Prince Edward County, we found this monstrosity:


I wear size 10.5 shoes, and those are winter-ready hiking shoes. So, on its short axis, this particular puffball is 2.5 times as wide as my foot instead of half again as wide as my 10-year-old-hand.

Apparently, they can get to be about two feet across.

Visions of the <dramatic music> Mushroom that Ate Toronto.

Be well, everyone.

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