Placing Caches

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So with the sadness and horror all around about the US election (even I posted about it, and I probably will again as some of the horror begins to morph into real-world shapes), it’s time for something a little lighter.

Youngest and I are taking our geocaching to the next level.

We’ve been talking hiding more of our own caches about it for a while, and since we decided to celebrate our thousandth find by placing ten new ones of our own, it’s time.

But she wants to do more than just basic caches. She wants to place interesting, strange, entertaining, or bizarre caches. I think we should do a few of traditional caches as well, but there’s no reason we shouldn’t have a great time with all of them. So we’ve planned a bunch of things.

Weird kinds of camouflage, Lego, birdhouses, funky multi-stage caches that are a little different than “go someplace and find the redirect so you can find the cache”, though they’ll still amount to that, just with a slight twist. She’s less concerned with making things hard (though a couple of them will be) than with making them cool. I mostly agree with that sentiment, but I do want to throw a couple of hard ones into the mix.

There are a lot of geocaches in our County and surrounding area—it’s a great hobby to have in our county—but there’s still plenty of room for more. Were going to find a few empty spots and see if we can entertain a few people.

The first cache of those ten is already in place. It went live late the night before last and no one has found it yet. Two people have not found it, however. I’m worried I let youngest talk me into a too-low difficulty rating, but we’ll see.

Our second cache with a Tolkien them, I regard it as both creative and sneaky. Here’s the listing: “GC6WMCR – Curse Him, Root and Branch!”.


The next one to go into place is in honor of our giant dog, and because Oliver is a giant dog, this will be a giant cache (Yes, a true size 4 for the cachers out there): a plastic bucket now empty of cat litter, which does seem a little bit odd for a canine-related cash, but that’s okay.

We already have selected locations for four other caches so just have to prep the containers. And three nights ago, we found a semi-secret trail that may be long enough to support a tiny series of four or five related caches, which we’ll do all at once. Plus I really want to do a water cache, although that might have to wait until spring.

Happy caching, everyone.

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