Writing Goals for the Week Starting 09 January 2017

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Let’s try this again. Keeping in mind the overall goals I posted yesterday and the amount of time I still don’t have until we actually get the building open and running and settle down into normal business, these are probably not terribly realistic. But we’ll see how it goes.

What I think might be reasonable if I had a regular work week this week:

  1. 2,500 words of new fiction. This will focus on the remaining Undead stories, though I may squeeze a few words into Shrine.
  2. 2 chapters of final draft pass on Universal Destiny. This will get me to the end of Ch 3 and is about 7,000 words of polishing, so it’s not as small a goal as you might think. My final drafts usually go faster because it’s really just a read aloud to make sure everything is good, but I feel like I want to be more careful with this. There are some alien and near-alien viewpoints that I need to be very careful with, but they’re scattered, so I’ll hopefully pick up ground here.
  3. 4 chapters of revision notes for Draugr Rising. This will take me to the end of Chapter 20 (there are 29).
  4. Rough draft of what I want for an episode of ISIRTA*.
  5. Second watch and note taking for the original BSG pilot**.
  6. Short Story Submissions: 1.
  7. Stretch Goal 1: dust off the rough plot for Fallen Heroes and add a chapter or two.
  8. Stretch Goal 2: get back to my Star Trek fan fic. Most of the shorts are still only at first draft completion.

Tune in next week for another update, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel. Really. I’m going to draft it right after I post this, just with a bunch of Xs where numbers would go. Think positive, right?

Be well, everyone.

* ISIRTA = I’m Sorry, I’ll Read That Again

** BSG = Battlestar Galactica

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