Reading Goals For 2017

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Read books. Many, many books.

Shorter commute, longer hours, but I’m still going to try to read as much as I can this year. A few of the things on the list, I’ve picked up or borrowed audio versions of to assist in this.

I’m more or less sticking with the same categories this year, balancing out as follows:

  • Award Winners: continuing on, I hope to get to the end of 1981 in this quest to read all of the novel-length winners for the Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy, and Aurora awards. Still a bit of history before getting to the first Aurora, but the first World Fantasy award is close to the front of this year’s list. # Books: 15 this year. I may get farther. This list includes something I tried to read a couple of years ago and hated, plus its sequel.
  • Last Year’s English Language Awards: Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy, Aurora, and British SF Award. # Books: 5. It’s barely possible I might get to the two Aurealis Awards (Australia), the Sir Julius Vogel (New Zealand), and the Seiun (Japan, if a translation becomes available).
  • Cultural Speculative Fiction: I have a list of twelve novels and collections to choose from, spanning almost as many countries and five continents. I hope to manage at least six of them this year. # Books: 6.
  • Martial Arts: furthering the intellectual side of my martial arts studies, I have a list of eight books here and hope to manage at least four of them. Here, I like things in paper and want to be able to take as much time as I like to read and digest. # Books: 4.
  • Non-Fiction Breadth: I’m going to try to pushing this category a lot more this year, starting with a list of books across ten different subject. # Books: 15.

If you’re counting, that totals to 45 planned books, and leaves me with a little breathing space in case I actually manage to get published somewhere myself this year. The count on Goodreads will be muddied, of course, because I’ll continue to do reviews for novelettes and novellas as well (and that’s why I set the Goodreads challenge at 75 for the year), but is still well under the goal of 61 I set for 2016 (for the previously mentioned reasons). I did beat that one by four books, although not every category was a success.

Be well, everyone.

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