Writing Report for the Week Ending 16 April 2017

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It’s fair to say that life has been kicking my ass for the past few weeks.

And by life, I mean one or two specific events plus the unpleasant work schedule that temporarily goes along with the promotion I accepted at work. The schedule leaves me drained and not interested in trying to accomplish much during my off hours. I have started watching the Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series for the first time ever, but that’s about the extent of my energy level most of the time. There’s been little editing, less writing, and not much creative work at all.

That’s making me unhappy. Unhappier, maybe.

I’m not going to review the bits and pieces I have or haven’t accomplished since taking the new job, but I think I do need to dive back in and start setting some goals again. I don’t know if I’ll get that far with them for the next week or two, at least, but I need to start trying. I’m going to be a little less aggressive than I have been, but not too much. Still worthwhile to push a bit. So…

  1. Hero’s Life revision notes continued. Going to shoot for five chapters this week, with fifteen left to go in this draft.
  2. 5,000 words of progress on the third draft of Draugr Rising. A little more than 46k from the end of the story at the moment.
  3. Second draft on my Kyle short story. The first draft (with notes) stands at 3,226 words.
  4. Five chapters of scene description step on Bad Teenage Poetry. I’ve got ten to go in the planned narrative. Of course, that may change when I start writing the first draft. It often does.
  5. ISIRTA*. Finish listening to Series Three. Really.
  6. BSG**. Watch and take notes for The Lost Warrior.
  7. Short Story Submissions: 3.
  8. Stretch Goal: Story selection for inclusion in The Undead.

That’s probably more than I can hope to get done, but I always like to aim high.

Be well, everyone.

* ISIRTA = I’m Sorry, I’ll Read That Again

** BSG = Battlestar Galactica

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