Buffy the 1st Time

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So I’ve recently started watching the Buffy, the Vampire Slayer television series for the first time.

I know, a little late to the party.

But I’ve got this weird thing about retconning and reboots and other stuff that messes with original work. Still, I watched the original movie recently with my youngest and, aside from pointing out all of the young actors who are old now, quite enjoyed it.

So, I thought, why not?

I started making little comments to myself during the first episode. After a while, I wondered if this might be a fun exercise to help me get back to Twitter again. (I used to love Twitter, and sometimes I still miss it. I definitely still have friends on it.)

And so, the hashtag #Buffythe1sttime was born.

I’m a few episodes in, but when I catch up, I may even start live tweeting it to entertain myself. Find below my vague commentary for the first episode. Look me up on Twitter (@WritingDad) to see where I’m at when this posts.

Be well, everyone.


S01E01 Welcome to Hellmouth

  1. So I’m going to watch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series for the first time. No promises on how far I’ll get. #Buffythe1sttime
  2. I don’t know how much I’m going to worry about spoilers. It’s been 20 years, after all. #Buffythe1sttime
  3. Starting with Episode 1. Let’s see how this goes… #Buffythe1sttime
  4. Hey! It’s young Lilly! #Buffythe1sttime #Welcome_to_Hellmouth
  5. High school drama with vampire undertones. #Buffythe1sttime #Welcome_to_Hellmouth
  6. A little info-dumpy. Establishing the world so forgivable if it stops soon. #Buffythe1sttime #Welcome_to_Hellmouth
  7. And young Booth! #Buffythe1sttime #Welcome_to_Hellmouth
  8. A bar that lets in 16yos? Even in the 90s, I would have a hard time with this. #Buffythe1sttime #Welcome_to_Hellmouth
  9. Hints of Whedon to come. Some of the dialogue is actually pretty clever. And well delivered. #Buffythe1sttime #Welcome_to_Hellmouth
  10. Well, at least the vampires are obvious when they’re about to feed. #Buffythe1sttime #Welcome_to_Hellmouth
  11. Seriously? You’re cliffhangering the first episode? #Buffythe1sttime #Welcome_to_Hellmouth
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