Star Trek Discovery is Coming – Really

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I want to be excited about Star Trek: Discovery.

You know, the new Star Trek TV show that was going to premier in January of 2017?

Yeah, that one.

Delayed multiple times, depending on which news you read. Writing and directorial issues, same. Harry Mudd, sigh. Sarek, again, sigh.

Now there are two variations of an actual trailer to give us a look at what we’re finally going to get in the fall.

I’m not going to do an exhaustive, frame by frame analysis. There are plenty of those already and the trailers only released the day before yesterday. I’m just going to throw out some impressions. Sparing no expense on the cinematography. Cool new ship, tech, toys, uniforms, aliens. Apparently inclusive crew. Retconning the Klingons… again.

I want it to work. There hasn’t been new Trek on TV for a long time. But in order for it to work, they’re going to have to tell new stories, relevant stories, important stories. They can’t just rehash the same ground or produce painfully derivative adventure tales like the reboot movies have done. CBS Paramount is going to have to give us Star Trek, and they’re going to have to do it right out of the gate, because the entertainment climate doesn’t allow for a lot of second chances anymore.

I want it to work, but I’m reserving judgement until there’s something more than a trailer to judge.

Be well, everyone.


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