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Happy Paper Airplane Day!

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By the time I get this post up, it will be well after midnight, local, but it’s still Paper Airplane Day somewhere, right?

When I was a kid, once in a while my dad would fold a special paper airplane. It took me a while (probably several years worth of watching the occasional plane take shape since it didn’t happen very often) to learn to fold it myself. When my own kids were small, I tried to do it a little more often, but none of them were particularly into paper airplanes, so it gradually went away.

Today, I decided to see if I could remember how it worked. To entertain myself, I rested a video camera on a counter facing down to the table I worked on.

Here’s the final result:

And here are two versions of the video. First, at almost seven minutes long and with me talking far too much:

Second, shortened and sped up to just see the folding itself.

Not the best video work. Someday, and soon, I’ll be setting up a small studio to do audio and video. In the meantime, anything I do will be a little rough.

Be well, everyone.

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