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Book Review: Willful Child

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Yeah, no.

I love Star Trek and I really enjoy well done parodies, but this one isn’t well done, the characters here aren’t parodies, and the story does nothing more than mock. Not enough to make it a worthwhile read.

The hero of the story, Captain Hadrian Sawback, is supposed to be a parody of Captain Kirk, but actually presents as a sad attempt at a parody of Zap Brannigan, rebuilding him as a completely narcissistic sociopath without any of Zap’s humanizing qualities.

I made it through about sixty pages of juvenile innuendo, toilet humour, and mindless stupidity before saving my remaining brain cells.

And somehow the book has a sequel?

Marking this one as DNF. I didn’t make it past chapter 4. Try Scalzi’s Redshirts (but skip the three codas) or DeChancie’s The Kruton Interface for far better tales in this vein.

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