Weekly Writing Report for 05 June 2017

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Although, I don’t think weekly is accurate lately, but let’s go with it.

New strategy.

What, again?


I’ve mentioned before that I’m happier when I have multiple projects on the go. That’s still true, but I’m trying to find some additional focus.

To that end, I’m going to have a primary project with the backup plan to switch to other things here and there when I’m starting to feel burnt on the primary or when I only have a few minutes at a time to work. To that end, here’s the list of the next ten primaries (though it’s worth noting that I have a plan far beyond that):

  1. Draugr Rising 3rd Draft
  2. Book Review Catch Up
  3. Undead Story Selection (100k)
  4. Shrine 1st Draft
  5. Star Trek Marathon Logs Redux
  6. Scattered on the Wind Final Draft
  7. Star Trek Comic Strips
  8. Novella/Novelette Review Catch Up
  9. Haiku Selection
  10. Fractured Unity 1st Draft

Some of these need a little talking about.

Draugr Rising: first draft finished in early 2015 at 50,650 words. Pulled it out very early this year, made some revision notes, made some major revisions, changes, and additions, and I’m currently about a chapter and a half from being finished the third draft. It will probably come in at a touch above 63,000 words when that’s done.

Book Review Catch Up: I like doing quick book reviews, but I’ve fallen behind. Actually, way behind, but I’ve been slowly catching up over the last few weeks. Right now I’m only seven behind. So, it shouldn’t take me long after this draft of Draugr Rising is complete. I’m rather farther behind on the Novella/Novelette Review front, but these tend to be shorter than my novel reviews.

Undead Story Selection: all of the stories I wrote towards this collection total just shy of 140,000 words. Historically, my first drafts are very bare bones just to get the story out of my skull. I expect to add 15-20% of the word count to most things by the time they reach final draft. Taking the upper number, I think that 168,000 words might be a bit long for a collection of short fiction, so I’m going to try to pick 85-90k worth of stories I like the best, which will almost certainly take me over 100k for a final count. Once selected, the editing of those will be a separate project.

Shrine 1st Draft: second book of the Troll Wars Quartet, and it’s been on hold for a little while. I’ve completed the first quarter of my outline, planned at about 60k altogether. However, a couple of minor things exploded, and I’m 9,000 words ahead of what I estimated. I’m a little worried about that happening in the rest of the book, too. That may mean I have some hard decisions later, but in the meantime, I actually need to get the first draft done.

Scattered on the Wind Final Draft: this is the read it out loud and make sure I haven’t missed anything draft. Usually, I have. Sometimes, I find a writing tic or two and fix them while I’m at it. There isn’t usually a large difference in overall word count by the time this is done.

Star Trek: Marathon Logs, Comic Strips, Fractured Unity. I’ve been a Trekkie for as long as I can remember. Sometime in 2014, I had the idea for my own celebration of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek and it involved me producing a whole lot of content. Life intervenes. I’ve been poking away at it here and there, and the 50th anniversary was last fall, but I’d still like to do this, so I’m trying to step up my Trek game over the next little while to get things moving properly again. Short Fiction and Blog posts are complete, but I’ve got a lot of things left to do yet.

Haiku selection: over the last couple of years, I’ve written hundreds of haiku. For quite a while, I was penning several per day, though that’s dropped back quite a bit in the last few months with a heavier schedule. But I’ve been thinking I’d like to put a hundred or so of them into a digital chapbook. So I’ve got to pick good ones.

Writing Reports for the next little while will focus on project completion rates. I’ll still leave the reports on Mondays, but hopefully will have good news here and there about getting stuff done, or at least how much of that stuff I’m getting done, and I’ll conclude each post with the current list of the next ten focus projects. Things may move around. Individual drafts of novels will count as projects on their own because I like to let things rest in between to come back to them fresher. Overall, I have a flexible five year plan, although only this year and next are plotted out in detail.

Be well, everyone.

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