Writing Update for the Week Ending 18 June 2017

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Which, yes, I should normally have posted yesterday.

Lots going on this week in life, and I got some work done, but I didn’t get far enough on any of the primary projects to actually take one off the list. I probably won’t the next couple of weeks, either, because they’re all in the first 33%.

That said, I made good (or at least some) progress, on the top three.

Accomplishments this week:

  1. Shrine – I’m finding it hard to get back into this story, gaining 250-300 words per day right now.
  2. Star Trek Marathon logs – the first seven are redrafted, which still leaves me a long way to go, and I wish I knew what happened to the original file and when. It’s not in any of my backups and was basically a complete first draft.
  3. Scattered on the Wind final – since this is the third-tier project at the moment, I haven’t made it there every day, but I’m still three chapters through that final read out loud draft. A few small adjustments here and there, but I’m liking how the story works so far.

The current “next 10” projects remain:

  1. Shrine 1st Draft
  2. Star Trek Marathon Logs Redux
  3. Scattered on the Wind Final Draft
  4. Star Trek Comic Strips
  5. Novella/Novelette Review Catch Up
  6. Haiku Selection
  7. Fractured Unity 1st Draft
  8. LoC 2 Plot
  9. Fallen Heroes Outline
  10. Star Trek Book/Comic/Merch

Lots of creative stuff to do.

Be well, everyone.

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