Writing Report for 24 July 2017

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So I’m going to stop calling this weekly reports and just put one up when I’ve got something significant to report.

I have made progress since the last one, and since it’s been four weeks since the last update, I’ll put more detail here, but I think, going forward, I’ll only put up updates when I’ve marked a project as complete or when I’ve hit a major milestone.

Recent accomplishments:

  1. Shrine – I’ve gotten back into the dictation thing, and I’m making a thousand-ish words progress per work day on this, less on days off. Fourteen chapters of 40 are drafted, and I’m into the fifteenth. Also, I haven’t diverged from the original outline too much. That 40 will probably end up being 42, though, as there are a couple of chapters I think will wind up getting split.
  2. Star Trek Marathon logs are now going very well. I found an old draft of many of the original version on my Google Drive. Instead of having to write the next couple of dozen fresh, I can take the previous versions and modify them to match up with the overarching story as it’s currently built. I expect the speed of progress to increase here.
  3. Scattered on the Wind final draft progresses, and I’ve finished the read through, with a few changes in word choices here and there and only one substantial change in one chapter, to the end of Chapter 12. There are 30.

The current “next 10” projects remain the same, but the completion order is probably not what you see below. Some things are bigger than others and some just take longer. Example, while the first draft of Shrine is number one on the list, there are three things (maybe even four) I actually expect to be done before it. First draft of a novel is always one of the biggest projects I can have going.

  1. Shrine 1st Draft
  2. Star Trek Marathon Logs Redux
  3. Scattered on the Wind Final Draft
  4. Star Trek Comic Strips
  5. Novella/Novelette Review Catch Up
  6. Haiku Selection
  7. Fractured Unity 1st Draft
  8. LoC 2 Plot
  9. Fallen Heroes Outline
  10. Star Trek Book/Comic/Merch

Be well, everyone.

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