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Later in 2017 in Serialized Genre Storytelling

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Not much left in the “still to come” category for genre TV in 2017. Maybe I need to do one more post for all of the stuff that’s already released so the year looks a little better for TV geekery.




Okay, not much of a trailer, but it’s all I can find. I’d like to have high hopes for this. The comic was fun. What little there is of this third-hand trailer tells me that they’re at least starting with the original storyline. That gives me a little hope. Premiers in November.


Future Man


Seth Rogan does SF about a time travelling janitor? Well, maybe. The concept tells me to watch the first episode, but to do so with zero expectations. Also coming in November.


Big Hero 6: The Series


Please don’t. It’s not even the same style of animation.


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