Caturday: This is Morgana

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This is Morgana.

She’s a rescue cat who spent a few months in the shelter system before we happened across her when my daughter was looking for a cat to bring home, having decided that’s what she wanted for her upcoming birthday. Before the shelter, Morgana spent a winter outside, fed by a neighbour after being abandoned. When we brought her home, she looked like this:

After a few months she looked like this:

You may not see the difference.

Eventually, we put her on super low calorie dry food and diet wet food. These days, she looks like this:

You still may not see the difference, but she’s down a couple of pounds.

Still not exactly thin, but we’ll get there.

Note also the ear tips. Or lack of them, really. During that winter she spent outside, there was a case of frostbite. Winter in Ontario, even in southern Ontario, isn’t kind to shorthaired cats who should live inside.

She hates being picked up but loves being held and has a fondness for high places.


We’d had only one cat, King Cyrus the First,


for coming up on two years when the agreement was finally struck for a second feline companion and while Cyrus was perfectly happy to make immediate friends, she took a while to warm up to him. They’re quite close now.

She came home to live with us on 25 May 2015, and we did a gradual introduction to the house, with her initial primary residence being Oldest Daughter’s room. These days, she can usually be found on beds and in piles of laundry, though she’ll stake out open shopping bags as her territory, too, and has a strange fondness for plastic ones.

When she arrived home, the best guess at her age was five years, which makes her seven now, and either the same age as, or a little older than, Cyrus. Has a few years on Morris, though. More about him another post.

And again, a shelter cat. Shelter first.

{insert sleeping picture}

Be well, everyone.

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