Writing Report for 02 October 2017

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So it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but since most of what I’ve written lately has been in the form of book reviews, that’s probably okay.

I have made some progress on some creative things, having drafted the majority of my Star Trek stick figure comic strips, picked out about 80% of the haiku for a planned book of them, started (but not finished) two short stories, and, of course, written a whole bunch of book reviews as well as a few blog posts.

I did finish the rough plot of the sequel to Universal Destiny, but that book is still in the group of novels I actually need to do something with, a count which stands at four. Well, sort of. There are four novels I consider to be “final” draft complete. There are six more running somewhere between first and third draft complete. Plus two first drafts in progress, one fully outlined, and two rough plotted.

Sheesh. I better get to work.

Be well, everyone.

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