Writing Report for 26 October 2017

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Update for the week and a half that ended yesterday. I’m late, so sue me.

No trips out of town, and a few more days off work from the primary job have helped me make a little more progress on a lot of things.

  1. The first draft of the Haiku book is almost done. All that’s left is cover art and a final set of 4 haiku that weren’t to be written until everything else was done. After that, we begin learning about layout.
  2. All strips for Star Trek: The Badly Drawn Stick Figure Comic have been drafted. Next, “good” versions and inking. Finally, scanning.
  3. I’m now about 44% through the final draft of Draugr Rising. Total length change of a whole 325 words. I’ve certainly manipulated more than that, but this story keeps surprising me.
  4. I’m into the second draft round on stories for The Undead. Most of them so far have some fairly easy changes to make so things are working well overall. Some of them were originally dictated and need some significant cleaning. But I feel like I’m putting this one back on track.
  5. I’ve only put a little more than 1200 words into Shrine in the past week or so. Mostly, I’m dictating this first draft during commutes. No commute means no new words. I tend to spend my sit-down writing time on later drafts at the moment. I’m back at work again, so this should pick up.
  6. I also pulled out the 2015 book review file and gave it a quick once over, adding a few words to section starts. Sixty or seventy images and I’ll be ready to turn this into a PDF file. Then the same for the 2016 file. I might even be ready to take care of 2017 in January. Although, I’m several reviews behind at the moment.

Back into the editing groove I go.

Be well, everyone.

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