2018 Writing Goals

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For 2018, I actually have two sets of writing goals: the publicly stated goals, which will be listed here, and the “Stretch” goals, which I’ll be keeping private until/unless I actually hit the public goals. The list follows, but I could really have split this into several different lists by category. You’ll notice a progression: novels drafting, novels editing, short fiction, non-Fiction, Year of Trek.

  1. Completed outlines for three novels to be drafted in 2019: the third book in the Destiny trilogy, the final book in the Troll World Quartet, and a sequel to Draugr Rising that may involve some transplanted Japanese mythology.
  2. Finish the first draft of Shrine. Fantasy, and the second book in a set of four.
  3. First draft of Bad Teenage Poetry. Historical fiction set in the 1980s. May or may not be reflective of some experiences I actually had, plus others. Using poetry I actually wrote in the 1980s as a teenager.
  4. First draft of Fallen Heroes. SF, sort of. Third book in the Heroes Inc
  5. Arena to final draft status.
  6. Hero’s Life to final draft status.
  7. Shrine to third draft completion.
  8. Bad Teenage Poetry revision notes.
  9. 24 short stories, length and genre unspecified. These may or may not be built into a themed collection that I may or may not do. Anticipated length range 2-7k words each.
  10. Editing on all of the Undead stories and turning this into a collection.
  11. Photography and design elements for my small haiku collection.
  12. All of the remaining Year of Trek planned projects so I can actually do this. In no particular order:
    1. USS Marathon logs recording.
    2. The rest of the “Season 3” audio drama scripts.
    3. Fractured Unity novel completion.
    4. Pointers to a lot of great fan production.
    5. Nostalgia book, comic, and merchandise reviews.
    6. Finish my favourite Star Trek meme collection.
    7. A small group of media ideas I’m keeping secret.

Seems like a lot, maybe, especially considering the trials and tribulations of last couple of years, and these are the public goals. Think about how steep the stretch goals must be.

Be well, everyone.

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