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So there’s definitely something in my makeup somewhere that I need to channel better. I like to work on multiple things at a time which, once some kind of equilibrium has been achieved, makes me just as productive as someone who works at the same rate but only focuses on one thing at a time.

But I also seem to have issues sharing things when I’ve finally take them to a final draft status. That certainly needs to be fixed.

Between those two idiosyncrasies, I thought it might be interesting to list all of the book-length projects I have and in what stage of completion.

Some reading this might ask the question: what the frack is wrong with you? Others will pick a different question: why are you spending writing time on a blog post when you have a list this size? Both questions are valid. And we won’t talk about the sheer volume of short fiction I have lying around that I should do something with. We also won’t mention more than in passing that I’m still free to have other ideas.


Final Draft Complete

  • Graceland: Science Fiction, Collection, 83k words
  • Heroes Inc (The Citizen Book 1): Superhero, 73k words
  • Skip to My Luu: Science Fiction, 87k words
  • Ancient Runes: Science Fiction, 85k words
  • Universal Destiny: Science Fiction, 77k words
  • Scattered On the Wind: Science Fiction, YA, 72k words
  • Draugr Rising: Fantasy, 65k words


Third Draft Complete

  • Actually nothing here at the moment, but that should change shortly.


Second Draft Complete

  • The Undead: Fantasy/Horror, Collection, 96k words
  • Arena (Troll World 1): Fantasy, YA, 63k words
  • Hero’s Life (The Citizen Book 2): Superhero, 62k words.


First Draft Complete

  • Dragon Summer: Fantasy, 108k words. My first attempt at a novel. No one will be permitted to see this until sometime long after my death.
  • The Godhead Book 1: Fantasy, 127k words. Has a couple of significant issues I know how to fix.
  • The Godhead Book 2: Fantasy, 104k words. Needs to be torn apart and rebuilt almost from the ground up, keeping the basic plot and a few fun parts.
  • Warforge: Caledonia: Science Fiction, 128k words. Some adjustments needed for the POV arcs to come together more smoothly.


First Draft in Progress or Stalled

  • Shrine (Troll World 2): Fantasy, YA, 74k words estimated. Primary project.
  • Fractured Unity: Science Fiction, ST Fanfic, 50k words estimated. Currently 26k words. Next project in line.
  • Stoneweaver: Fantasy, 52k words and stalled with significant problem.
  • Dreams of Freedom (Alishran 1): Fantasy, 22k words and stalled.
  • Iron Jack: Fantasy, 13k words and the plot needs to be rebuilt.


Outlined (Has 5-10k words of structure and character built)

  • Bad Teenage Poetry: Historical, 75k words estimated.
  • Fallen Heroes (The Citizen Book 3): Superhero, 60k words estimated.
  • Seven Days a King: Science Fiction, 60k words estimated.
  • Converging Destiny (Universal Destiny book 2): Science Fiction, 60k words estimated.
  • Palace (Troll World 3): Fantasy, YA, 60k words estimated.


Plotted (Has 1-2k of structure built)

  • Speculative Emotions: SF/F, Collection.
  • Periodicity: SF, Collection.
  • Unified Destiny (Universal Destiny book 3): Science Fiction, 60k words estimated.
  • Battlefield (Troll World 4): Fantasy, YA, 60k words estimated.
  • Kami Falling (Draugr Rising sequel): Fantasy, 60k words estimated.
  • My Cousin Hans: Historical, 90k words estimated.
  • Strewn Across the Stars (Scattered on the Wind sequel): Science Fiction, 65k words estimated.
  • ISIRTA: 50 Plus Years Later on the Other Side of the Pond: Non-Fiction, 70k words estimated.


Conceived (has less than 1k of structure and concept built)

  • The Godhead Book 3: Fantasy
  • Warforge Books 2 & 3: Science Fiction
  • The Crossword Man: Contemporary
  • Big Hair Day: Historical
  • Peacebringers Trilogy: Science Fiction
  • Alishran 2 & 3: Fantasy


Glimmering (has a paragraph or less for concept)

  • Warforge Book 4: Science Fiction
  • Green Wars: Contemporary
  • Rain Falls Daily: Contemporary
  • Border Guards: Fantasy
  • Consigliere: Science Fiction
  • Neanderthal: Science Fiction
  • Seven Cities: Fantasy
  • Stoneweaver: Fantasy
  • Tashiik Dreams: Science Fiction
  • The Sergeant’s Legacy: Historical
  • High Guard Trilogy: Science Fiction
  • Napoleon’s Unicorns: Fantasy
  • Wellington’s Griffins: Fantasy
  • Baby’s First Year: Contemporary
  • In Living Memory 1 & 2: Science Fiction
  • The Library of Time: Science Fiction
  • The Beauty of Weapons: Science Fiction
  • Shadow Maidens: Fantasy

So what is wrong with me and why aren’t I working on something listed here? Excuse me while I change files.

Be well, everyone.

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