Writing Report for the week ending 19 August 2018

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This is the last one of these I’m going to do weekly for a while. After this one, I’m going to switch to doing one on or about the first of the month, covering what I managed to accomplish the previous month and the targets for the new month. Again, the objective is to keep me honest in my goals, but I want to get as many words into active projects as possible.

I made some mid-term plan adjustments last week, but the short term remains essentially the same, and that’s what I’m going to look at here.


  1. I’m within a few hundred words of finishing “Space Broccoli”, which relaly needs a new title. It’s currently sitting at just shy of 6,000 words, and I actually expect to finish it today.
  2. I’ve put 8,980 words into Shrine, taking it to 66,008 but closing the gap to the end of the story by only about 3,000 words, so around 15,000 to go, which will make it more than 20,000 words longer than the first draft of Arena. The sequence I’m working on now introduces an important character and a whole new culture to the protagonist. She doesn’t have time to absorb most of what she’s seeing, but I can’t completely gloss it over. Some of it needs to make it to the reader and some of it will inform actions and personality of that important character I mentioned.
  3. Editing, I’ve finished the 3rd draft pass on Arena to the end of Chapter 13, leaving me 12 chapters and a little less than 26,000 words to go on this stage.
  4. In odd moments, I’ve started a little bit of scene expansion in Fractured Unity, which began its life as an audio drama that I’m shifting into a novel for the experience of doing so. I’ve added a little more than 800 words here, taking two dialogue-only scenes into bare bones prose.
  5. 3 blog posts.
  6. 3 book reviews.

Total word count for the week of 16,201, averaging more than 2k per day, which makes me very happy. I’ve also started scribbling 50-150 words at a time of the first scene of Bad Teenage Poetry to scratch the itch it’s making in my brain.

I’ll go into details on what I’ve done to the plan for this year and next year, but it’s worth noting what I’ve got on the list for the more immediate future after each fo the current projects are complete:

  1. With the expansion of the current sequence in Shrine, I don’t think that it will be done by the end of August, but I think it will only be a few days into September before I get to the end of the first draft.
  2. Next Long Fiction: Star Trek: Fractured Unity. While I’m making a tiny bit of progress there, keeping the 1,000 word per day goal for long fiction, it’s still going to be the lion’s share of work there for September.
  3. After that: Palace, the third book in the Troll World Quartet.
  4. Editing: once Arena has gone through the third draft, I’m switching over to Hero’s Life, the sequel to Heroes Inc.
  5. Short Fiction: 10k or so per month in short stories is the target going forward. I’m already almost there for August. After “Space Broccoli”, I have four more I specifically want to finish, the longest of which is likely to be a 10k novelette, with the rest falling in the 3-6k range based on the rough plots I have in my head. Then, I’ll either dig into the archives for other thing I’ve left hanging or start on any of a variety of new ideas I’ve got.

And while there are other creative pursuits I have on the list, like I said last week about my writing goals: I need to type faster.

Be well, everyone.

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