Writing Report for October 2018

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Here is the overview writing report for October, noting that there were only 23 writing days in the month. I took several days off the middle the month for a martial arts weekend, and because of the mental headspace I’ve been in and various real-world events, I’ve essentially taken the last two weeks of writing. Other than a couple of journal entries and a blog post or two that I never managed to put up, there’s been zero new fiction, and really, zero editing. I’ll leave reasons aside, though I reserve the right to cover some of them in future blog posts, and I’ve certainly covered them in those journal entries. Instead, we’ll just say that if it’s not quite over, it’s getting close. A vacation once while is okay, anyway, although I didn’t intend for it to be this long, recharging the batteries occasionally is a good thing. After all, for almost 3 solid months before the past couple of weeks, I’ve hit some pretty good word totals.

Time to get back to that, but first, I need to catch up a little.

noting also that

Accomplishments in October:

  1. Short Fiction:
  2. Battlefield plotting is complete.
  3. Palace now stands at 57,213 words with 18 of 43 chapters left to go in the plot.
  4. On the editing side of things, I’m done the third draft of Hero’s Life.
  5. I’ve also done the 3rd pass on the prose portions of my first Haiku collection.
  6. Fractured Unity conversion is complete. First draft comes in at 40,243 words. From here, it will only get longer as I add more sensory data, description, and character actions. There’s still a lot of bare conversation.
  7. 9 blog posts, not all of which actually got posted. Still thinking about a couple of them.
  8. 3 book reviews. I’m about to start the 2018 reviews now; still some catch up to go. The pdf collection of the 2017 reviews is nearly done. More on that another time.
  9. 6 journal entries.

Total word count for the month of 51,462, averaging 2.2k per writing day (granting that there were only 23 of those altogether), which is awesome. Lighter on the overall count than last month, but it’s still a very respectable total in my eyes.

On the publishing side of things:

  1. 0 short story submissions. I’d been holding these for the last weekend of the month, but stuff happened. Things said about that elsewhere, maybe.
  2. The Small Press houses and potential agent list is still in progress. Research has begun in earnest. I intend to have a short list of potentials by the end of the year.
  3. Still playing with some basic cover design, looking at the Star Trek work for myself but thinking ahead to a real image for Thorvald’s Wyrd, which is the first of my own work I plan to indy-publish, and hopefully in January. Seriously considering Skip To My Luu for February.

Which brings us to the revised plan for November. Which is what I said last month, but the plan gets revised all the time. It could be different tomorrow. Here’s what I’m planning for November at the moment.

  1. Short Fiction: 7k for the shortened month. 10k has been a struggle the last couple of months, but that’s probably because I’m setting the daily novel targets too high and not leaving myself much time to go beyond those, but I want to keep the levels the same.
  2. As much progress as I can make on Palace, but I fully expect to still have 10-15k of plot left for December.
  3. It would be really nice to get the final read through of Hero’s Life done by the end of the month, but that seems unlikely with the amount of free time I’m going to have available.
  4. Reminding myself that there should be some short fiction editing, too.
  5. I’m also going to set the non-fiction goal at 7k for the month.
  6. 5 short story submissions. Again
  7. Small Press/Agent hunt continues, getting ready to pick who I want to send Ancient Runes to first.

So if the total word count is lower for October than it has been in the last couple of months, that’s okay. There are reasons. One of those that I haven’t mentioned is that, on days off, I’m more likely to spend extra time on editing-level projects than I am on drafting. I feel like I’ve got a lot of ground to cover there and the more drafting I do, the farther I’ll be behind.

I am sort of thankful that I’m still at a point in my writing career that I have the luxury to work on whatever I please without any deadlines involved. I think I’d like that to continue for a while, but it also might be interesting to have some deadlines enforced from outside because someone wants to pay me to write.

Which reminds me that writing is not my primary career, so important things need to be given priority. I need to write, I want to write, and I really want to get some more stuff out into the wild, which I haven’t done much of for a while there it but life happens, and it will continue to happen, and things have to be dealt with, so I just need to work around life.

Every month is a new one, every day is. October was not September and November will not be October. Neither will December.

But I still need to type faster.

Be well, everyone.

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