Writing Report for November 2018

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So I wound up taking most of the first half of November off from writing, too, then easing back in slowly. The words counts were decent, if not as frantic as they’ve been in recent months, and there were only a total of 16 writing days out of a possible 30. Not as many as I’d like.

Accomplishments in November:

  1. Short Fiction: I put a whole 5,185 words into short fiction this month, all of them into a story with the working title of “Iambic Tetrameter”, that I think is probably going to wind up being a fairly long novella. At a guess, something over 20k words. Possibly 25k.
  2. Palace now stands at 66,097 words with 13 of 43 planned chapters left to go in the plot.
  3. On the editing side of things, nothing. Next month.
  4. 8 blog posts.
  5. 11 journal entries.

Total word count for the month of 24,676, averaging 1452 words per writing day, which is still a respectable number overall. This might have been just a touch higher if the cold I’ve been trying to fight off for the last several days hadn’t mostly cost my voice for the homeward commute last night. Still not a bat number. If it’s lighter than October, which was already a lighter month than normal, that’s okay. I wrote what I wrote.

On the publishing side of things:

  1. I’m just going to go ahead and admit that very little happened here. I’ll do better next month.

December is going to be a bit different. I’m targeting my writing efforts based on whether I’m working or not and setting goals accordingly. There won’t, generally, be any drafting, fiction or non-fiction, short or long, on weekends. It’s possibly I’ll break that rule, but likely not in a big way. There will also be a few extra days off due to the holiday season, which will further drive the overall count down, and so the average.

Goals for December:

  1. Short Fiction: 5,000 words. No writing on days off, remember?
  2. Palace: 20,000 words. I think this will carry me to the end of the plot, considering I’ve only got 17,500 words left in my expected plot. But I’ve gotten sidetracked before.
  3. It would be really nice to get the final read through of Hero’s Life done by the end of the month, also being the end of the year. Lots of extra editing on days off. Only editing on days off.
  4. Once again, there should be some short fiction editing, too.
  5. Non-fiction goal is also set at 5k for the month.
  6. 5 short story submissions. Keep trying.
  7. Small Press/Agent hunt continues, getting ready to pick who I want to send Ancient Runes to first, starting in January.

So, the total word goal for the month is only 30,000. That is higher than November, but a lot lower than I worked at in the late summer and early autumn (not a big deal – since I dove back into writing at the very end of July, I’ve put in 230,000 words). With holiday adjustments and because of where the weekends fall, I’m only going to have 18 drafting days in December. And I may continue that habit for at least the first quarter of the new year to balance out the editing a bit more.

But I still need to type faster.

Be well, everyone.

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