December Writing Report

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December saw me turn in a solid performance, writing-wise, with a respectable average daily word count of 2041. Started to branch things out a little bit into the publishing side of things, too. 30 writing days out of a possible 31.

Accomplishments in December:

  1. Short Fiction: I put 12,586 words into what I’d originally classed as short fiction this month. However, I actually think that the storyline I’ve currently got forecast in my head for “Iambic Tetrameter”, now called “Welkiri Corps”, is probably going to reach over that 40k mark that makes it a novel. So, technically, I’m not working on any short fiction at the moment, but I’m drafting two novels simultaneously, one pre-outlined and one not. Not normal, but it’s my current reality.
  2. The first draft of Palace is complete at 84,705.
  3. I’m also 10,713 words into Battlefield. The rough plot had me at 72,500 initially, and I’m currently forecasting at 73,600. That will only go up, I think, since that’s how things usually work.
  4. Editing: I didn’t quite get to the end of the final draft of Hero’s Life by the end of the month, but I’ve only got five scenes left, with about 8.5k words to go.
  5. 14 blog posts.
  6. 15 journal entries.
  7. My first (well, second, really) foray into independent publishing. Reaching back into Wattpad, I’ve started posting a piece of Star Trek TOS fanfic, a Lieutenant Chekov adventure that runs just shy of 21k words. You can find it here, if you’re interested. There’s lots more to come in this area.

Total word count for the month of 61,243, averaging just over 2k words per day (which I mentioned above). I’m hoping this is going to be in the ballpark of the average month. Going up when there are more commuting days and going down when there are major events or vacations.

January is the first month of the new year, and the first full month of my 49th year. It’s also got a lot of targets set: the ones I’m being open with (posting tomorrow), the secret ones, and the stretchy ones that we’ll only talk about if I start hitting the standards. I’m going to continue pushing harder on the editing side of writing, drafting very little on days off and focus my efforts on making the drafted words better.

Goals for January:

  1. Short Fiction: 10,500 words. No writing on days off, but I’ve been doing well with the dictation divisions I’ve been using (morning = short + non, evening = novel). That said, the short fiction words will be going into Welkiri Corps until the first draft is complete.
  2. Battlefield: 21,000 words. This is based on their being 21 commuting days for me in January. My average evening commute in December actually gave me 1226 words on the novel, so I hope to get a little more here.
  3. I expect to get through the final read through of Hero’s Life within about the first week of January. From there, I’ll be switching over to Fractured Unity for a month or so to bang that into shape for release.
  4. Short fiction editing: the rest of the Undead stories to 3rd draft. Maybe even a few more to final.
  5. Non-fiction word count goal is set at 7750 for the month. This will be mostly blog posts and journal entries, but there’s a larger project I’m going to start on, too.

Switching over to publishing:

  1. 10 short story submissions.
  2. The first batch of query letters will go out for Ancient Runes.
  3. “Between a Rock and a Klingon: A Lieutenant Chekov Adventure” will be completely posted by mid-January, probably sooner as I’m trying to put up a scene each day – current forecast is for it to be complete on the 9th. A PDF download will magically become available as well.
  4. “Thorvald’s Wyrd” is becoming an ebook and will begin posting on Wattpad as well, weekly groups of 10-14 scenes (as appropriate to the plot). Cover is nearly ready as this posts.

The total word goal for the month is a little over 40k, which I think is doable, but reserve the right to reforecast at any time. Larger, but less detailed, goals for the year of 2019 will post tomorrow.

Be well, everyone.

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