This is Sonic

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This is Sonic.

You might have noticed that he’s a snake. He was the second reptile to come live with us, but he has not been the last. More on all those another time.

Sonic came to live with us just after my oldest daughter’s ninth birthday – somehow, the ninth birthday has become when you get your first non-fish personal pet in our family. A teeny tiny noodle at the time, eight or nine months old, he was only managing a very small prey. He’s a little longer these days, but still not terribly big around.

The tank is 4 feet long. He’s closing in on 5 1/2.

He’s a Sunglow (or Sunkissed) corn snake, a colour morph, and he’s been very, very easy to take care of, probably spoiling us for future reptiles, in fact. If you’re not familiar with snakes, he, like most corn snakes in my experience, is fairly tolerant of handling. Interactive and well, not affectionate as reptiles aren’t really programmed that way, but he holds on and doesn’t try too hard to escape.

At this point, he’s almost 9 1/2 years old, and normal for a corn snake in captivity and good health is adding up to about 20 or so. I understand the verified record is 32. He’s also what 5 1/2 feet long, which is a little bit longer than his average. We met the world record holding corn snake a few years ago at a science fiction convention, much thicker around than sonic, and also about a foot longer than he is now.

Were not really worried about world records, though. He’s cute, fun, and interactive, and we’ve enjoyed having him around.

Say hi to Sonic.

Be well, everyone.

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