Vacation Prep

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Have you ever noticed before you go on vacation that there is a $h!tload of stuff to do?

I don’t just mean the getting stuff ready, the prep for the actual vacation itself. You also have to do all kinds of stuff in advance for work to make it possible for you to go on vacation the first place: task to reassigned, things to get done, to email cleaned out, out of office responses, all the things that you would normally do as part of your job that need to be done still need to be done while you’re gone so you get someone to cover those. And then, whether you have older kids at home, house sitters, someone coming to hang out every day to feed and play with your pets, or nothing at all, there are still preparations you need to make for the house before you go away. It would probably be smart to be completely caught up on the laundry and dishes up to. The litter box won’t scoop itself. The garbage won’t put itself out. The leftovers won’t take care of themselves.

I mean, I’m not Arthur Dent. I’m not going to come home after being away any the three least fuzzy things in the fridge and thereby prevent myself from being patient zero in a space plague.

And then you come back, and you have all the vacation laundry to do, all the things to put away, all the things you brought back that need to be taken care of, and is all the housework that you really should have done before you left but didn’t, and some the garbage got missed, and there were two now unidentifiable leftovers tucked in the corner the fridge hidden behind the milk that you also should have drunk before you left. Then go back to work and there are hundreds of emails and a pile of paper on your desk and a long list of problems and issues that could’ve been taken care of in your absence but weren’t.

Just disregarding the financial cost of your relaxing vacation getaway, is there really a net gain in terms of stress and relaxation?

Make no mistake, I’m not saying you shouldn’t travel, but we seem to put an awful lot of baggage onto and in and around what’s necessary to do the actual traveling. Sure, maybe it’s easier if you don’t have kids or pets or a house or a job or any kind responsibilities at all. Maybe all those things together are building your background stress levels, not always in a bad way, to the point where you do need to go and relax for a week.

But maybe even if you do have all those things it shouldn’t be such a big deal. Maybe we just make it one.

Maybe I don’t have to make one.

Be well, everyone.

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