Men of a Certain Age

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Knee painful – skeleton x-ray, 3D Illustration medical concept.

So, post visit to the orthopedic specialist, and the verdict is essentially the same as the prognosis I had for the last run of imaging when I was forty-ish, although little more advanced. I have generalized arthritis spread through that knee, more advanced than his average for my age, but I think I’d probably known that for quite a while, and that’s just a bonus. The right knee, of course, is currently healthy, and not even really a trace of arthritis as yet. So there’s that.

There are also definitely the floaty bits that were there before, they haven’t really ground down, although they may or may not have migrated. It often happens with arthritis, and to the nature of the original injury, they’re completely expected. A little flair up here and there should be expected, but if I have another major event like this past one within the next couple of years, we will probably be doing a scope where we slice open the side of my knee and go fishing for some of those bits. Oh, joy.

In the meantime the essential plan is to treat it properly. Don’t take up any high-impact sports. No running ever again unless I’m being chased by something dangerous. Low-impact activity is an excellent idea. Ice as required for minor flare ups, and stretching, lots of stretching. Most of which I should’ve been able to figure out on my own, I would think, without an extra set of doctor’s appointments. And yet, that doesn’t seem to have been the case. Middle aged stubbornness paired with youthful stupidity, I’ve been saying. The first one of those probably applies in a bigger way.

So, a proper stretching regime, a proper exercise regime. It leaves me karate but avoids any high-impact stuff. So, fewer jumps, more intelligent kicks, and focus on the striking art. I’m not quite willing to let the kicks go away, of course, because I do still very much want several the more advanced kicks in my repertoire: hook, butterfly, axe. But, those are going to have to mostly be with my right leg. Which functions very well. My left will be good for a stable base 99% of time. And I can work hard to keep that number the high 90s for as long as possible.

But getting back to running again is seriously no longer in my future.

More walking, or cycling, both of which I can do indoors, maybe even some swimming. Elliptical is fine. But the marathons I was hoping to get back to someday, the triathlons I was hoping would be my next physical milestones, well, those are gone. And that had a sucks.

But that’s getting older for you.

I’m not that old yet, a mere 48, and expect, if I take care of myself, to get past a hundred. Looking at the advances of medical science and taking proper care of myself, maybe much longer. I might be more than half done, I might not, and I might even be just getting started. But, the older I do get, the more work is going to take to keep myself in a reasonable shape to continue doing things I want to do. So be it.

I do keep coming back to that old poem. Do not go gently into that good night. Rage, rage at the dying of the light.

Or, put in a more modern, social media context, because fuck aging, that’s why.

Be well, everyone

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