More Learning About Indie Publishing

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So every step along the way, I learn that there’s more to this whole idie publishing gig than most people think there is, or even than I thought.

I did figure out quite a bit early on just reading, and I had my eyes open going in, I hope, that even though I thought I had a grasp on the various steps, I knew there would be more steps I didn’t know about. That continues to be the case, of course. But I’m also finding that some of steps I knew were there are more involved than the initial presentation.

I have released exactly one thing independently so far and that thing has taught me better preparation and planning the next thing, which I am working on for a release before the end of the month. I’ve actually got the year plotted out so that I’m supposed to be releasing one short or long thing (sometimes both) per month every month for the rest of the year.

This first thing, “Thorvald’s Wyrd”, was, because I have been busy learning new things about indie publishing, significantly later than I thought was going to be. I was, originally, hoping to do it in late January. It’s a novelette, so not gigantic, and I had a cover more or less done on time, and the formatting more or less done close to on time and everything else more or less ready not too late. Emphasis on “more or less”. There were plenty of tweaks and adjustments to make, and since I decided to put it the traditional bits of a book, which aren’t always traditional for an ebook, but mostly, into the mix, not all the things in there were making me happy with the formatting. Surprisingly, e-books and paperbacks are two different things. No sarcasm intended. Well, not much.

But, finally, “Thorvald’s Wyrd” went live on the 10th of March and I’m happy with that. I hope to have the next book up in life by the end of March. From there, my intent is to get to the point where I’m working at least two months ahead, meaning a full two calendar months so that everything I’m going to release in June is ready to go by the end of April.

If I can do that, the indie plan for this year will work fairly smoothly to reach my objective of having a reasonable body of work at there for people to sample and read and, hopefully, enjoy.

But, to effectively work two calendar months ahead, I really need to lock down my basic process for self-publishing from finished manuscripts to pressing go.

Now, I don’t expect ever stop learning, and I don’t expect the process to stay stagnant to make things easy for me, but it would be nice to have things worked out properly so I can mostly just tweak the process from book to book for relevant updates and changes to the way things work. Which probably means I should have made an awful lot more notes as I was going through the process for the first time, instead of working out that process and thinking I’ll remember everything. That’s okay, I can do the second time, or the third, and I should at least avoid having to redo certain things several times and make new mistakes instead.

The plan is to figure out the basic process and how it differs from short fiction to long fiction to fanfiction, because it does differ. Maybe not a whole lot between the first and second categories, but they are a whole bunch of steps that I don’t need for that third category, because it’s fanfiction, and I’m not allowed to make money at it.

For our everyone’s gratification, the copyright page for a work fanfiction needs to be very different, surrendering all rights to anything in the story, and stating that his work fanfiction, and all rights remain copyright holder. It may or may not be legally necessary, but it does show intent and understanding on the author’s part that they’re playing in someone else’s sandbox, and without official permission, even if permission is tacitly granted by the existence of a body of fanfic.

For now, I’m supposed to be finishing up the paperback formatting for “Thorvald’s Wyrd”, and I probably should be looking at the final formatting that needs to be done for Skip to my Luu.

And I’ve got lots of drafting and editing to do while I’m at it.

Be well, everyone.

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