Book Releases for 2019 Q2

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The basic plan for the second quarter of this, my first Indie Publishing Year, has a total of 6 things in it: 2 short, 1 long, 1 collection, and 2 fan fiction pieces.

In a little more detail:


Turn the World Around, a SF novella coming in at just barely under 35,000 words. Inspired by a particular episode of the Muppet Show. The original Muppet Show. Ebook and probably paperback.

Wolves and Sheepdogs, a 5,300 word short story starring Lieutenant Leslie of Star Trek, The Original Series fame. PDF only and only on the fanfic page here.


Heroes Inc, a superhero novel and the first book in The Citizen Trilogy, the final book of which I’m drafting right now. Ebook and paperback for sure. cover not done yet, but it’s coming.

“Babysitting the Taran-saurus”, a 14,000-word SF novelette I serialized on Wattpad several years ago. Now with a brand new cover and becoming a downloadable ebook.


Graceland, a collection of stories inspired by what was probably the most influential music on my listening, the Paul Simon album of the same name. Discovered as a teenager and still in the rotation more than 30 years later, there’s a story inspired by each song, some with bits of lyric almost directly pulled out and some a little less obviously (I hope).

Fractured Unity, my first novel-length fanfic, catching up with the crew of the Enterprise as they return to Cestus 3, more than three years after the initial encounter with the Gorn.

And there’s Q2. Not that I don’t have specific plans for Q3 and Q4, but the plan is more flexible the farther into the future we look. Right now, I’m trying to get to the point where I’m working two months ahead in terms of covers, formatting, and compiling. I’d like to stretch that to three to give myself some breathing space. More would probably be smarter, but I’ve got to hit the two-month mark first.

And I certainly have to keep working on new stuff. Constantly.

Be well, everyone.

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