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Skip To My Luu

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Quick post to remind everyone that I’m pushing ahead on the indie publishing thing.

Skip to My Luu, my first independently published novel, is now:

  • Available as an ebook on various Amazons including com and ca,
  • Getting processed to be a trade paperback (which I’ll link as soon as I see the notification that it’s done),
  • Starts serializing on Wattpad tomorrow if you want a taste (although I think I set a decent free preview percentage on Amazon).

The cheesy “cover” copy: “Just finishing their final year at Tranquility University a group of friends decides they’d rather pool their resources and talents to go asteroid prospecting instead of looking for normal, boring jobs. Even once they manage to secure financing, the challenges only build, and their journey will to take them a lot farther than the Belt. Individually and together, they’ll find pursuing a dream is a lot harder than having one.”

And the beautiful cover.

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