Writing Report for April 2019

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So my word count for April is a more reasonable 70k. A little more focus on editing and a few extra non-commuting days as we convert the basement into an apartment for the oldest child I have coming back for the summer who now has an apartment’s worth of stuff rather than just a room’s worth. Average monthly word count for the year is now just over 75k, and this is an overall pace that makes me happy. Pulling that for the whole year would be 900k, and that will be, by far, the best writing year I’ve ever had at the raw number level.

Accomplishments in April:

  1. Plotting: finished the detailed outline level of Unified Destiny, the 3rd book of the Lords of Creation trilogy. After Fallen Heroes, drafting the 2nd and 3rd book of this set are the next major projects on the list.
  2. Big Hair Day currently at 48,825 words. I think I have 2,000 words or so of plot left.
  3. Fallen Heroes: a little more progress here, as well, with this one now at 23,884 words. I’m around a third of the way through what I’ve plotted here.
  4. Short fiction: a novelette with the working title “Welcome to the Swamp” started and finished at 8,748 words on the first draft.
  5. Editing: Shrine. After finding a good split point that was reasonably close to the middle of what was book 2, I put in the time to read through the whole of the manuscript and add about a hundred comments of things I wanted to fix or expand on.
  6. Still editing: Forest. The second half of what was Book 2 of Troll World, I’m about mid-way through the revision notes draft on this one.
  7. Fan Fiction: the conversion from Audio Drama scripts to first draft prose novel of A Matter of Honour, is about 95% complete.
  8. 10 blog posts.
  9. 12 journal entries.

Total word count for the month of 70,599 and that’s a number I’m entirely happy with.

On the publishing side of my goals:

  1. So is Skip to My Luu. Full-length Science Fiction novel. Ebook at the end of March, and now also available as a paperback.
  2. Turn the World Around. Ebook and paperback files done and uploaded and it’s now available.
  3. Graceland design complete. Essentially ready to press publish on.
  4. Heroes Inc. cover design complete. Most of the formatting done.
  5.  “Babysitting the Taran-Saurus” complete and ready to go. Publication date current flagged as May 15th.
  6. On the fanfic side, “Wolves and Sheepdogs”, a ST:TOS fanfic starring Lieutenant Leslie, is complete on Wattpad or available here.
  7. Also fanfic, formatting is complete for Fractured Unity. Scheduled for June launch on Wattpad and file availability.
  8. Short Story Submissions: 3. Okay, not so close to the goal.

Next up, primary writing goals for May. I’m going to keep them light, and not so I can feel good smashing through them, but because May is looking like a busy month in the real world. Not sure I’m expecting to exceed them by much.

  1. Primary Novel project: I expect to finish the first draft of Big Hair Day in the next few days, vacation notwithstanding. Right now, there’s only about 4k left in plotted words. Should be easy to get to the end.
  2. Which moves Fallen Heroes to the primary project at that point, and with a little over 40k (projected) left of plot, that’s likely to take until sometime in June.
  3. Secondary Novel project: should be Curaçao project that’s been chewing at the back of my brain since we got back. Looking for about 5k words here, due to extra time commitments in May, but I have to finish plotting it first.
  4. Short Fiction: looking for 5k or so in short fiction for the same reason.
  5. Plotting: finish the plotting of the novel where Curaçao figures as a primary setting.
  6. Plotting: Scorpion’s Prize. Some thoughts on a swashbuckling space adventure. Not my usual production, but it’s feeling fun.
  7. Plotting: Strewn Across the Stars. Sequel to Scattered on the Wind.
  8. Editing: Forest, finishing revision notes.
  9. Editing: Palace. I hope to behalf way through revision notes by the end of the month, but we’ll see. This one is a bit longer and isn’t going to be split.
  10. Editing: “Trollsign”. I need to get this one to final draft because it’s on my list of things I want to turn into ebooks this year.
  11. Non-fiction word count goal for the month: 10000 words. Blog and journal, mainly, but we’ll see what happens.

Switching over to publishing:

  1. The standard target of 10 short story submissions.
  2. Keeping working on finding a home for Ancient Runes. Traditional publishing, so this goal is going to get repeated a lot, I think.
  3. Serialization finishes for “Thorvald’s Wyrd”, continuing for Skip to My Luu, and beginning for “Turn the World Around”.
  4. Ebook release for “Babysitting the Taran-Saurus” and Heroes Inc.
  5. Paperback layout for Heroes Inc.
  6. Design and layout for a collection of haiku (yes, really), “Mummy Powder”, and “Design for Conspiracy” (ST:TOS fanfic). If I get to that point, I’m now working two months ahead. Now to push to be three to give myself breathing room.

The total word goal for the month is only 40k, depending on the length of those two short stories, and the publishing side should be doable. I hope it will break 60, though.

Be well, everyone.

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