Playing Catch Up

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Spending a little time catching up in the last week. Blog posts that didn’t get edited on schedule, a cover that should have already been designed, internal formatting for a couple of projects that are supposed to become ebooks before summer, and even a couple of serial posts that didn’t get up exactly when they should have.

I’m down to just the uploads, Good Reads pages, and web pages for Heroes Inc and Graceland to be back on the track of where I wanted to be with most of my (ridiculous) goals for the year.

The only one of the primary goals that isn’t on track is the non-fiction book about ISIRTA. I’m listening to episodes, but not yet doing the detailed notes and analysis I should be. At the moment, it’s the achievement that’s most in doubt for 2019 drafting. That’s probably okay. If it happens in 2020, that’s fine, too. I’m enjoying the re-listen, especially those episodes I’ve only heard once.

I should do s Stretch Goals post.

And a review of the Standard Goals for 2019.

Be well, everyone.

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