2019 Stretch Goals

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I intended to announce the stretch goals as one-offs, as the regular goals were met or if the stretch goals began to look possible. I’m going to stick to that basic concept, but right now, I’ll admit publicly to the ones that fit the bill right now, all at once. Basically, if it looks like there’s time enough left in the year to achieve one of them, it’s in this post.

And we’ll talk Stretch and Super Stretch goals.

Currently Relevant Stretch Goals

  1. First draft of one additional novel. This is actually already complete. I’ve logged the first draft as complete on four novels so far this year. The original goal was three, with one for the stretch goal. Completed: the last Troll World book, Welkiri Corps, Big Hair Day, and A Matter of Honour.
  2. 8 additional Short Stories edited. I’ve done three of those so far, and, honestly, expect to kick this goal pretty solidly.
  3. 25 Additional Blog Posts. I haven’t actually don’t the initial 100 posts, but I’m a touch over half way there and only a third of the way into the year. It seems reasonable for this goal to be publicly available.
  4. 10 Additional Journal entries. Since the initial was 50, and I’m at 71, I think I can mark the goal complete that took me to 60.
  5. 2 additional short pieces independently published, taking the total goal for the year to 6. As the third is set to go and the fourth is prepping for June, this is a reasonable goal to share.

So I’m only making note of 5 Stretch Goals here, but there are 11 altogether, counting writing, publishing, and Secret goals. Yes, there are a couple of goals that I’m not publicizing at all until/unless it looks like they’re actually going to happen.

Currently Relevant Super-Stretch Goals

And the third class of standard goals is the Super Stretch variety. These are either extensions of Stretch Goals or are things I’ll pursue in the event of something specific being completed. Announcements on these will happen if it looks like there’s time enough left in the year to achieve them.

  1. First draft of one additional novel, bringing the total goal of drafted novels for the year to five. This book is in progress: Fallen Heroes, and will complete the Heroes Inc. trilogy. I’m actually over 1/3 through the plot.
  2. 15 Additional Journal entries, which puts the total goal for the year at 75. I’m not far off of this now, so I don’t think this is an issue.
  3. A second fanfic novel in the publishing queue. This one is possible, as I’ve finished the first draft of A Matter of Honour. Not high on my editing list right at the moment, but there’s quite a bit of 2019 left. Hoping this will happen near the end of the year.

There are only 3 Super Stretch Goals listed here, but there are 12 in total, once again counting writing, publishing, and Secret goals. Others will be announced as they begin to look possible.

At the beginning of the year, I doubted I’d need to make any targets beyond this level, but left the door open. I probably won’t, even if I start to hit the Super Stretch Goals. Instead, I’ll just keep writing and make the targets higher for next year. Rinse and repeat until things start to get to be in the right ballpark.

The idea is that I set the annual goals for what I think normal writing/publishing operations will take me 10 months to do. Stretch Goals are for the last two months of the year if life cooperates during the first 10. Super Stretch are for those times when things flow really well for long enough. That’s working out so far this year, but it’s only May.

Just keep writing.

Be well, everyone.

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