This is Zesty Mike

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For non-herpers, she’s a Blue-Tongued skink.

She’s also a rescue (coming from the far side of Toronto) and part of my son’s burgeoning menagerie, currently at seven species of mostly reptiles. More on that another day. All you need to know right now is that menagerie is currently living with him in the basement apartment of our house. (He’s home for the summer this year and the menagerie had to come with him, obviously).

Lots of personality in this beautiful lizard, though she’s a messy eater sometimes. Fond of quail eggs, I understand, and almost as puppy-like as people keep telling me Bearded Dragons are.

Someday, she may have a mate. Which may mean that someday there will be the pitter patter of tiny skink feet. Currently, there are space limitations.

Wishing I could catch a photo of her with her eyes sort of half open. To me, her head takes on an even more draconic cast.

Be well, everyone.

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