Karate Seminars and Writing

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So, having decided at the next to last second that I’d be attending a major martial arts seminar in Ottawa this past Saturday, I came to the realization that I’d probably have about 4 hours by myself in the car for dictation purposes. Historically speaking, that should get me somewhere between eight and twelve thousand very raw words to add to the total. Not a bad way to start the month when I’d planned to be home doing housework.

I actually got about 8500 words in but kept getting distracted by martial arts thoughts when I was trying to work on fiction. I’m still satisfied with the total but I felt like I struggled too much through the fiction, especially when I should have been focused on the climax of the novel I’ve been working on.

That said, the novel (Fallen Heroes) got an extra 3066 words in, but every one of the last four scenes was shorter than I’d planned it to be by a few hundred words. That was equal parts distraction and deciding that I’d really like to get it done during the trip if I could. I did, but every one of those last scenes is even more bare bones than my usual first draft. Which is okay, because there’s still lots of time for successive drafts.

And it was a day for finishing things.

One short story (“Old Japanese Spirit” a working title that doesn’t mean at all what you think, whatever you’re thinking) got an extra 411 words to be complete at 1618 for the first draft.

And another (“Emerald Storm”) got an extra 2552 to be complete at 4625 words.

Plus about 2500 words of martial arts thoughts across three separate bits I’m going to call journal entries for tracking purposes, but that mostly need to go in the training log I’ve been horrible at keeping for several years now.

Pretty happy with the result and gives the month a kickstart towards my goals.

Now, lots of editing to do.

Be well, everyone.

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