The Return!

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While I have said this for the last several months running, it is time to get the fiction writing back on track. But with a bit of a twist from my usual goals.

I did manage a little progress November, though it was mostly nonfiction, as is normal the last few months. And I have, over the last few days, although really only using a couple of minutes at a time, been going through the list of things I want to accomplish, and realized, as I have before, just how many things I have with a first draft complete but no editing done. Then if I expand that list to include things that are somewhere short of final draft status, the amount of backlog gets truly staggering.

It runs something like this:

Eight novels at first draft status. Eight! Although one of them was my first novel and no one will ever get to see it.

Four novels at completed first draft with revision notes made.

One novel at third draft status.

60 short stories first draft status. Holy crap. These range from a flash piece at just over 100 words to a 25,000-word novella. Not all of them are worth editing, but that will be part of the progress.

5 short stories that have seen some amount of editing.

And that doesn’t even look at all of the various things that I could mark as first draft in progress (27 short stories and 6 novels, 3 of which I consider at least semi-permanently stalled).

So, my decision is that I’m going to heavily focused on editing for next little while.

Dividing the calendar year into the traditional quarters, I’m going to focus primarily on editing, submissions, and publishing, until the end of Q1 2020, at least. Although, if we’re being entirely honest, I am completely expecting that when I do a review in the middle of February to gauge progress against what’s left, I’m going to extend that to the end of Q2.

That doesn’t mean I’ll be doing no drafting. I will, I hope, be doing plenty of blog posts and journal entries. On that note, I’m going to try to do the daily blog thing for the rest of December starting when this post goes up, which is likely to be the sixth of December as I dictate this.

But I’m not going to stop drafting fiction completely. For December through March 2020 (and probably through June) my fiction plan is for one short in the 4-7K range, and one flash piece in 1500 words or less range per month. This is partly to match up with a couple of other things I’m planning for next year, but mostly so that I continue to write fiction because I do still have a lot of stories to tell. All in progress novels, however, and there are three of them at the moment, are on hold as of now.

If you’re curious at just about the details of just how much incomplete or unpolished fiction I’ve got to take care of, I’ve put the complete list on a static page here and you can see just how crazy I am.

Be well, everyone.

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