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Is There a Plan?

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Sort of.

While I haven’t published very much, or anything, on the blog since early June, I actually did draft a number of things here and there. I’m going to start popping those up if they’re still relevant, and maybe even if they’re not. Originally, my idea was to just backdate the posts to where they were supposed to go in first place, but that seems a trifle dishonest. So, instead, I’m going to see which of them are still relevant, make adjustments to the ones that aren’t, and post them all during the month of December on days when there isn’t something else I think I want to say.

I’m going to start, mostly, with the missing writing reports, although these were mostly come in a severely truncated form and will sometimes be grouped together. I think I have six of catch up on, counting November.

In between, I’ve got a few cover reveals for things I’m going to indie next year, plus a few odds and ends, and I’m likely to post more about my editing catch-up plan, plus, once I figure that it in detail.

Based on past history, I know approximately how many words per hour I tend to work through at the various drafting stages, but the problem there is I have no idea how much actual spare time I’m going to have to dedicate things. My intent is to try to carve at least an hour a day, but past experience tells me how difficult that is, especially recent past experience. My life is very complicated and complex at the moment and that doesn’t help. Complicating the writing part of my life further is the fact that I want to go back to school beginning next year, and that providing for my family is likely to take even more time in 2020 than it did in 2019. Things are going to have to change and adjust in a lot of ways.

But, changing, adjusting, adapting… that’s just how life works, is?

Be well, everyone.

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