Catch Up – Writing Report for June

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In the first of a series of catch up posts, please find below the writing report for June. Future (although still past from the moment) iterations of this might combine months.

These are going to be quick recaps, short and to the point, talking only basic accomplishments and skipping over what goals would have been as the plan has moved on from those.

Accomplishments in June:

  1. Plotting: about a third done on the detailed plotting for Strewn Across the Stars, the sequel to Scattered on the Wind.
  2. Big Hair Day completed at 50,112 words in the first draft, but lots of dictation clean up still to be done. Finished up on the 2nd of May.
  3. Converging Destiny: started the first draft and 24,006 words in.
  4. Short fiction: Finished “Emerald Storm” at 4625, put 1542 words in on a SF story that I’m not sure where it’s going, completing a story at 6841 words potentially for an anthology. Edited, it will probably slip over the edge into novelette territory.
  5. Editing: a whole three chapters of revision notes on Palace.
  6. Editing: Trollsign. 8 of 14 chapters done to the 3rd draft.
  7. 6 whole blog posts.
  8. 23 journal entries. There’s my non-fiction writing this month.

Total word count for June is 57,274. Not a bad total, considering two missed days and illness.

See, short and to the point. Not so easy for me.

Be well, everyone.

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