Super Quick Overview of What I Wrote in 2019

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Super Quick Overview of What I Wrote in 2019

Taking a deep breath:

360,394 words of fiction, including plotting and editing differentials. This includes:

  • Novels plotted: 3 at scene level and a 4th partially.
  • First Drafts of 5 novels, 2 of which I actually started in late 2018.
  • 14 later drafts across nine different projects.
  • 11 short stories ranging from 569 to 8,748 words.
  • A Star Trek audio drama converted into a novel.

202,621 words of non-fiction, most of this being either journal entries or blog posts, but I count things like poetry in here too.

And I indie published 10 stories, novels, or collections.

All in all, a very productive year.

I’m hoping 2020 will be as productive, but it will be in very different ways. Stay tuned for the publicly available details.

Be well, everyone.

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