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There’s been a bit of a gap, but I’m kicking the serials back into gear.

By the time this posts, two of them will have started already, and the third should be launching tomorrow. Covers all link to the serials on Wattpad.

First up, “Trollsign”.

Sorry. I’m tentatively using the first cover but I really like minimalism of the second, and they both make sense in context of the story. “Trollsign” is a 13,000-word novelette with 14 scenes. Several of those are really short, so I think the serial is likely to happen in 10 releases. New scenes release on Wattpad on Wednesdays and started on February 19th.

Next, a novel-length serial, Heroes Inc.

Heroes Inc. we’ve talked about before and it’s available on Amazon, but the sequel will be ready shortly and the third book in the trilogy is drafted. I’d love for folks to read all three. This first one was probably the most fun I ever had semi-plotting a novel. Except for the basic resolution, I tried never to have more than the next three scenes worked out in advance. Serializing on Wattpad with new chapters released on Fridays until complete.

Finally, I’m slipping back into the Star Trek fanfic world again, and I’m not planning on stepping away from it for a while, though I’ve got some tentative ideas for stories in other universes, too. In this case:

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A 4200-word short featuring Commander Scott in the early days of the Enterprise refit before Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Serializing on Wattpad beginning on 23 February 2020. New scenes releasing on Sundays.

Previous serials are still available. At this point, I have no expectation of taking them down.

In the short fiction category (by which I mean anything under 40k words, although trend is anything over 25k is a short novel and I kind of like that): “Babysitting the Taran-Saurus”, “Thorvald’s Wyrd”, and Turn the World Around.

For novels, only Skip to My Luu is up.

And for ST fiction, you get Between a Rock and a Klingon (21k starring Chekov), “Breath Control” (6.7k starring Dr. Chapel), “Wolves and Sheepdogs” (5.4k starring Lt. Leslie), and Fractured Unity (with a novel-sized cast).

Happy reading and be well, everyone.

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