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“OCS Bound” Cover Reveal

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So, unlike the post a couple of days ago for “Trollsign”, this one is actually a reveal.

For those who may not realize, I write a little Star Trek TOS (The Original Series) fanfic. Typically, but not always, I look for major characters (other than the Big 3) who don’t get enough screen time or minor characters who only get a little here and there and do something with them that fits somewhere into the prime timeline. To now, I’ve released stories of varying lengths for Chekov, Chapel, Leslie, and Scotty, plus a novel-length adventure that involves a lot of characters but gives Kirk quite a lot of “screen time”.

Next up is Chief (at the beginning of TOS)/Lieutenant (at the end) Kyle. This is a 4,200-word short happening just before the transition from NCO to Officer. Being short, the serialization will also be short, so it’s not too long before we move to a 14k-novelette centered around Uhura.

Since these are playing in someone else’s sandbox, there has to be no commercial potential at all for these stories, so they all become free wherever I put them up, which so far is only Wattpad and downloadable as PDF files on my website. “OCS Bound” will appear in both of those places on Sunday, 29 March 2020.

The cover, as usual, involves me finding or taking a screen shot from the right time period and adding title and byline in the appropriate font and using something not too far off of the Season 3 credits colouring.

At any rate, if you like original series Star Trek, give it a read when it hits. In the meantime, there are about 83,000 words of other Star Trek fanfic I’ve posted, if you’re interested.

Be well, everyone.

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