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The COVID19 Shutdown Marital Arts Workout

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Well, what I’m striving towards, anyway. There are still a few bits missing or building.

I joked in the time we were winding down to close off the building completely, that if the shutdown went on long enough, I’d come back in the best shape of my life.

At some point not long after I left the building on the last day, and long before we thought it might be more than a few weeks, I decided that wasn’t going to be a joke. I’ll never have the cardio fitness I did at my peak as a long-distance runner, especially since I’m not allowed to run anymore because of a knee issue, but I can absolutely be a lot healthier than I’ve been for a while.

So I came up with the idea of the building of a real workout routine that can be done daily instead of just on weekends with the bits of it squeezed in between the various household chores and jobs I need to get done.

What I want it to look like when I’m finished ramping up:

Warm up = 20 minutes -> this consists of targeted basic movements, techniques, and isometrics (push-ups, crunches, and so on).

Kata = 20 minutes -> solo form practice that builds from basics and combinations to create a “recipe book” of applications and techniques.

Kobudo = 20 minutes -> weapons training. This is mostly bo, sai, and tonfa for me right now, with a few other weapons mixed in but in a smaller way, with a rotating focus each day.

Hojo Undo = 10 minutes -> strength and muscle training with specific equipment. This involves a lot of lifting things and hitting things.

Cardio = 30 minutes -> struggling here. The plan was a solid bike ride building up to the 30-minute mark and adding 5 minutes of cool-down walk, but I don’t have the ability to repair either of the two bikes I have access to. Working on that. In the meantime, since I can’t run, I can walk and I’m mostly turning these into short hikes.

Cool Down = 20 minutes -> what I’m incorporating here is a routine that takes in some beginner’s Yoga for flexibility (which I have a lack of) and Tai Chi.

Yes, if you’re keeping track, that’s two hours of working out. And I’m building this to be a daily workout. Yoga and Tai Chi are both new to me and in-class instruction isn’t a thing at the moment, but there is plenty of video available and if you can find something basic enough, you can follow along. You don’t need to be perfect to be making progress.

I’m not someone who can sit still at one task for long. I can’t binge-watch in the way most people mean it (binge-watching for me is 5 or 6 episodes of something in a week, not in a row), and I can only do housework for so long.

So, instead of trying to teach myself to sit still and watch something for hours or do housework or yard work for an entire day at a time, those get to be smaller parts of my day while I spend the effort on getting better at something I want to get better at.

And then there’s the saxophone mocking me in the corner.

Be well, everyone.

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