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Please find attached my full participation in April Fools Day 2020

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Which is actually more than most years. Generally, I find pranking friends and acquaintances to be in poor taste and it often strikes me in the same way as finding humour in the pain of others. I’m actually even starting to have a hard time with “friendly” mocking in recent months because I’m not sure there’s really anything friendly about it.

Online, of course, seems to be a bit different, as companies and media sites compete to see who can have the most believable but ridiculous post. You know, teasing and misleading their customers and viewers. Or, as you might say, business as usual but with a bit more humour.

I’m noticing a lot less of it this year than in previous years which is understandable and gratifying, given current situations. Or maybe the folks in my friends lists on social media aren’t doing as much of it, and likely for the same reasons. I’m good with the result either way. Throw me a good pun or a fun joke. Make me groan or make me smile. That’s the kind of thing that will lift spirits.

Two mushrooms were walking down the street…

Be well, everyone.

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