How Are You Coping?

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There are as many ways of coping with the current isolation practices and how they’re reshaping our lives and society as there are people coping with it. New hobbies or a return to old ones, learning new things, bursts of creativity, exercise, extra housework or jobs around your living environment, reading, binge watching, social media, and on and on.

For myself, now on Day 14 of true isolation in the aftermath of my place of work being shut down, I’m doing most of these things. Not because of some drive to make all this extra down time productive, although I’m sure there’s some of that in my psyche somewhere, but because I’m wired to always be doing something and preferably something mentally interactive. Physically interactive is nice, too. I don’t have the 50 or so hours per week of being at or commuting to and from work, so I need to find other things.

I wish I could just relax, and I can in short bursts, but it’s hard. I need to be doing something, or at the very least on my way to be doing something, all the time.

So, I’m:

  • still geocaching but with certain restrictions in place to keep me away from other people,
  • ramping up my workouts and martial arts training,
  • writing and editing and creating more,
  • building a daily housework routine,
  • knocking things off the To Do list,
  • reading more and listening to more podcasts,
  • binge watching (by my definition which rarely involves more than one episode of something in a day),
  • cleaning up a lot of online stuff,
  • frequently checking in on social media to make sure folks are keeping busy and taking care of myself,
  • expanding my use of certain online tools to make sure I’m staying in contact with family and close friends,
  • sleeping eight hours per night. Seriously. Actual sleep. It’s weird.

It’s hard for me to kick back and just relax. So I’m not.

And maybe I’m also trying to avoid obsessing over the state of the world at the moment, limiting myself to only serious and direct information sources on COVID and how we’re dealing with it.

How are you coping? With the stress of isolation or the stress of being essential.

Take care of yourselves and each other.

And speak up if that’s getting hard.

Be well, everyone.

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