Highway Pirates

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I’ve started to dip my toe into video. Sort of an extra creative outlet during the current period of isolation. If you’re interested seeing me be boring on video for almost six minutes, you can find that here:

The next one, recording tomorrow, I hope, will be better. Well, I’ll look at the camera more, anyway.

About half of the above video consists of me reading a very short story. If you’d rather here it with the voices in your head instead, it’s below. Copyright 2020 by me, etc. Please enjoy, and be well, everyone.

Highway Pirates

Bradon stabbed a finger at the side mirror. “Behind us, Dad!”

“I see them.” The ancient rental truck raced to overhaul our RV, a dozen badly dressed pirates clinging to the sides. Puffy shirts, eye patches, bandanas, pantaloons, one even waved a cutlass over his head.

Several shouted nonsense obscenities, but one accented voice cut through the wind. “Avast ye scurvy dogs! Heave to an’ prepare to be boarded!”

I snorted and shook my head. “I don’t think so. Crack open the portside guns.”

Bradon scrambled out of the passenger seat, flicking me a serious salute. “Aye aye, Cap’n Dad.” I tried not to smile as he moved out of sight behind me. A moment later four distinct thumps rippled along my side of the vehicle.

I flashed my teeth and waved goodbye to the pirates in my side mirror. “Fire at will, Ensign.” Recoil from the cannon rocked the RV a little, but no worse than hitting a big pothole, and the pirate truck burst apart in a cloud of smoke, fire, and flying bodies. Debris rained across the highway, a few bits of flaming hail bouncing off the roof. I’d wait a mile or so before stopping to inspect for damage. Better safe. “Very nice shot, son. They won’t be bothering us anymore, or anyone else either.”

“Aw, only one volley.” Lighter thumps as the cannon retracted and the gun ports closed.

Bradon slouched back into his seat. I reached over to squeeze his shoulder, giving him a big smile. “Sorry bud, they don’t make pirates like they used to. I wouldn’t worry, though. It’s a big highway. We’ll find more.”

<the end>

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