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Serial Update

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Rolling back to the idea that I’m trying to have three ongoing serials going at the same time, two of them are about to finish up so I’ll be rolling into new ones.

Heroes Inc., of course, still has a long way to go as the novel. Forty-five chapters to go, in fact.

Trollsign” has two short scenes worth of denouement to go and they’ll both go up next week. There is a story planned to follow it, and it’s ready to go. Well, ready except for a final title. All I’ll say right now is that there’s a vampire involved.

OCS Bound” will finish a week from Sunday and I’m sure you’ll have guessed that Mr. Kyle gets to Officer Candidate School safely. But how? Then we’re going to experience Lt. Commander Uhura’s first command in a 14,000-word novelette going by the title of “Subsolar Whispers”.

All on Wattpad, of course. I like the format of the platform, though I do wish it would let me schedule posts as every so often I manage to miss a day even with reminders set on my phone. I do keep promising myself that I’ll check out other platforms, and one recommended to me by my oldest daughter, An Archive of Our Own, has caught my eye, but I haven’t taken the time to explore it very much yet. On the list, so I might be posting in more than one spot shortly.

It might be worth noting that there’s a fair bit fully posted on Wattpad now as well: three novels (one a short one and one a Star Trek novel), two original novelettes, and four pieces of fanfic of varying lengths.

Happy reading, and be well, everyone.

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